What is EIPH (Bleeding) in horses? And how can you minimize or treat it?

Use of Lasix laws already started to change. Make sure your horses can give their best performance. Start the EIPH treatment today! One of the most recognized disorders affecting race and performance horses is "bleeding," or exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, which is also known as "EIPH." Almost all horses bleed at one time or another during their careers. For example, it has been reported in three-day events, racing horses, steeple-chasers, jumpers, and polo ponies. The common denominator here is strenuous exercise. Find out on how to minimize and treat EIPH in equines by following this link: 

EIPH Treatment Regimen Details & Order Information

These treatment packages include combinations of Pure Rutin Powder, Mike's Original Bleeding Powder & Duorein Herbal Diuretic Paste