Equine Products Inc. has been in the business of developing, formulating, manufacturing and distributing high quality equine nutritional vitamins and mineral supplements, nutraceutical and performance, recovery and health products for well over 30 years.

The high quality of our products is derived from the quality of the raw materials used, the advanced production methods, and the stringent quality controls employed by us to manufacture them. We use many human-grade nutriceutical ingredients. These are the best quality raw materials available!

Currently we are offering more than 25 products specifically formulated for eliminating nutritional deficiencies and enhancing a horse's overall health and well being including several for treating leg and muscle ailments that arise in any performance horse. We also have 11 homeopathic products which were all successfully used to treat specific horse sicknesses.

The well-being and overall performance of your horses are our main concern. Our pledge, as always, is to provide you with the highest quality equine products on the market at competitive prices. Please let us be of service to you now and in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Peter M. Procino
President of Equine Products Inc.

cell / text 914-391-2121