EIPH (Bleeding)Treatment Options             

The three products used in these treatment packages are as follows:

Pure Rutin Powder (Bioflavonoid)
Mike's Original Bleeding Powder
Duorein - All Natural Herbal Diuretic Paste 

Trial Package 1 
One 5 lb Mike's Original Bleeding Powder (40 day supply) & One 60 gr Duorein Herbal Paste Tube - $ 99.95 plus s&h
This combo is good for one race.

Call 914-962-4172 to order this intro package. Visa, MC, Discover are accepted.

Trial Package 2
One 2.2 lb Pure Rutin Powder (70 day supply) & Two 60 gr Duorein Herbal Paste Tube - $ 149.95 plus s&h
This combo is good for two races. 

Call 914-962-4172 to order this intro package. Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover are accepted.

Pure Rutin Powder is an important and time-tested bioflavonoid used to control exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) equine bleeding. It strengthens the capillary walls by acting as a sealing paste to prevent bleeding into the lungs. It can be used in conjunction with Mike's Original Bleeding Powder and/or Duorein all Natural Herbal Diuretic Paste.  

Mike’s Original Bleeding Powder is the premier nutritional supplement for equine bleeders.  This enhanced version is the result of twentyfive (25) years of track testing and formula improvements to deliver the most complete nutritional supplement to treat EIPH. It contains a special blend of human grade bioflavonoid (rutin), Vitamins C & K, B6, B12, as well as blood builders including iron, copper, cobalt and folic acid to regenerate red blood cells that are lost when a horse bleeds. Mike’s Original Bleeding Powder works to help strengthen capillary walls through its unique combination of bioflavonoid, vitamins and blood builders and to replace red blood cells that are lost during exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage. 

Duorein is a blend of all natural herbs that dates back to the early 1900's. It was found that certain herbs blended in a special ratio yielded a natural diuretic effect. Natural products such as this can be fast acting and can achieve the desired objective with little or no side effects. It is a natural water pill which is beneficial as it works with the horse's system. It also holds down cost, is 100% natural (not a drug) and is safe, effective and easy to administer.