Duorein is a blend of all-natural herbs that dates back to remedies used by the ancient Chinese, who discovered that certain herbs blended in a special ratio yielded a natural diuretic effect. Herbal diuretics are beneficial because they work naturally with the horse’s system. This is important as it allows you to use this orally administered product instead of injections which can be illegal in certain instances.The use of Duorein will not cause any intervention by government regulatory agencies. The product is provided in a ready to use oral applicator which allows you to store it until you are ready to administer. Feed to the horse 4-5 hours before a race or competition.


Proprietary blend of natural, high quality herbs

Feeding Instructions

Administer one tube orally 4-5 hours before a race or competition event.
60 gr tubes - 12 tubes per box - $ 225.00 per box (18.75each) - (plus $ 17.95 s&h) or

60 gr tubes -   6 tubes per box - $ 120.00 per box (20.00each) - (plus $ 14.95 s&h) 

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