Canadian Working Blister is a strong and effective working blister product that allows you to have your horse back on the track in 30 days.This working blister is useful to treat bucked shins, strained or bowed tendons, curbs, suspensories, splints, ankles, hocks, and some types of knee problems when you want to keep your horse in training and the injury does not require a long term recuperation period.


Tincture of iodine, potassium iodide, cedar leaf oil, allylisothianate and ethanol


External use only. Clip hair from affected area and wash with soap, removing all other medications and scurf. Apply petroleum jelly into heels to avoid cracking. Apply with medicine brush daily for three days. Rub this blister in vigorously during application. Keep horse in stall for three days, then hand walk to exercise horse 2nd and 3rd days. Beginning the 4th day, you can start a light training program while applying furacine or skunk oil sweat for 3 days. Do not bandage or wrap while applying blister. (2 oz. size is sufficient to treat three or more separate injuries.) 

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