Equine Performance, Recovery & Health Products

Mike's Original Bleeding Powder
is the premier nutritional supplement for equine bleeders.
Carbo-Fuel 3X - Powder "The Perfomance Enhancer"
powder works with A.T.P. in the body to form a special high energy bond that replaces energy in the muscles of performance horses.
Carbo-Fuel 3X Oral Paste
known as the "The Performance Enhancer", is now available in a Paste.
Pure Creatine Monohydrate (Human Grade)
provides a safe nutritional support for all types of equine performance athletes.

DMG (3 Different Strengths)
is generally used to combat stress, reduce incidences of tie-up syndrome.

Duorein-Natural Herbal Diuretic Paste
is a blend of all-natural herbs that dates back to remedies used by the ancient Chinese.

Pure Rutin Powder (Human Grade)
is an important and time-tested bioflavonoid used to control exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) equine bleeding.