Equine Nutrition, Vitamin & Mineral Products

Nutri-Plus++ All-In-One Vitamin Mineral Suplement is an all-in-one multi-vitamin, mineral, blood building, electrolytes and amino acids daily supplement that is very cost effective.

Biotin 240 with DL-Methionine is one of the enzymes encouraging energy generation processes in horses such as fatty acid synthesis, gluconeogenesis, as well as amino acid and cholesterol metabolism.

Pure Vitamin C (Human Grade) is important for bone and connective tissue healing and strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin E & Selenium are capable of intercepting free radicals before they can damage cells.  

Nutri-Lytes Electrolytes (Cherry Flavored) is a well balanced, high quality supplement capable of restoring and replenishing cellular body fluids and minerals lost during stressful performances.

Mineraleze is generally used for the prevention of tying-up syndrome and to provide necessary minerals in a horse's diet.

Yearling/Weanling Pelleted Supplement (New!) is designed to promote the development of equine bones that are strong and dense.