All Natural Equine Homeopathic Products

Pure 100% Valerian Root Powder  is used to decrease stress and nervousness in performance horses.

Upper Respiratory Herbal Preparation aids in the alleviation of chronic internal hemorrhage-bleeders.

Duorein-Natural Herbal Diuretic Paste is a blend of all-natural herbs that dates back to remedies used by the ancient Chinese, who discovered that certain herbs blended in a special ratio yielded a natural diuretic effect.

Ledum Palustre (1M) are meant for the treatment of rheumatic pain and pains due to insect bites and stings, including the treatment of Lyme's disesase.

Tie-Up Medicine reduces lactic acid build up and helps to prevent or minimize cramping in performance horses from strenuous workouts or races.

Skin Disease Fungus Remedy effectively cures dermatitis, rashes and similar skin related problems in horses.

Non-Sweater Remedy helps to activate your horse's sweat glands.  

Sulphur Treatment helps to dry up a horse recovering from many respiratory ailments such as pleurisy.

Digestive Aid Treatment helps to kill certain bacterial infections and relieves acrid stool smell and diarrhea in horses.

Bronchial Remedy promoting the discharge of phlegm built up in the bronchial tubes due to a bronchial condition in horses.

Cough Remedy helps to relieve a deep nagging cough and other bronchial conditions that do not want to clear up properly.